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Ballet Hispánico Goes Virtual for Students in Washington Heights and The Bronx

In a powerful partnership aimed at addressing the digital divide among New York City students, Ballet Hispánico, the esteemed Latinx dance organization, has joined forces with Situation Project. Their shared mission: provide 900 middle school students with internet access, allowing them to participate in an interactive virtual dance event.

With a common goal of connecting underserved communities with the arts, Ballet Hispánico and Situation Project are poised to showcase their dedication through this transformative virtual experience. In partnership with middle schools in Washington Heights and the Bronx, including The Laboratory School of Finance & Technology, The Paula Hedbavny School, and the Academy of Applied Mathematics & Technology, the project embarked on a guided virtual journey into the vibrant world of Latinx dance and culture, immersing students in excerpts from Ballet Hispánico's repertoire, narrated by the company's artistic leaders.

Through the virtual Performances for Young People, students were exposed to world-class choreographers and cultural contexts embedded within Ballet Hispánico's rich repertoire. They also had the opportunity to engage with teaching artists and educators through live dance sessions and Q&A sessions.

Damian Bazadona, founder of Situation Project, highlighted the inequities faced by many NYC students, preventing them from accessing the remarkable experiences their own hometown has to offer. He noted that the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated this situation, with 30% of students struggling to connect to their virtual classrooms due to unreliable internet access.

As part of their ongoing efforts to close the digital divide, Situation Project recently launched the #AdoptAHotspot campaign, providing 175 prepaid hotspots to partner schools through June 2021, ensuring students can stay connected. By offering virtual experiences like the Ballet Hispánico event, this campaign not only brings arts access to students but also enriches their overall education.

Through the power of dance, Ballet Hispánico and Situation Project are breaking barriers and creating pathways to inclusivity and equal opportunities. Together, they are transforming the lives of students, inspiring communities, and fostering a brighter future for all.